Saturday, February 14, 2009


So I just had to write you all a little note to tell you I am going to try and do better about posting new stuff on my blog! Well it is not all my fault my computer has not been working that well So I can't take all blame But I will take some!Let me just give you a little up date! Life around here has not been that different just doing the same old stuff School School and more school I am so proud of all my kids and how hard they work when it comes to school!As for Me just being a mom and I love it I don't know anything else I would rather do! I have such good kids and I love them! As for Max he is still working as hard as ever and we are all still trying to get use to his work hours! He loves his job and I am so glad about that. I love him and am so grateful I have such a hard working Man!