Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Kenzie is officially in Junior High School!! I can't believe it!! Today was 7th grade day and McKenzie was so excited to go but a little nervous at the same time. She had so much fun once she got there and saw her friends! Max and I are so proud of McKenzie and we hope that she has an awesome 7th grade year!! We love you Kenz!!

Friday, May 22, 2009


I really can't believe that Sydnee is 10 time goes by so fast! Me and Max took Syd out of school today to spend the day with her! We took her to lunch, Went to build a bear she got a frog and named her Lilly! We had a good day, It was fun to spend some time with just Sydnee!! 10 things I love about Syd!

1. I Love how Syd loves school! Syd has always loved School and I hope she always does!

2.I Love how Syd loves her Mom! She has always been a mommy's girl!

3.I Love What a good Friend she is! Anyone who knows Syd knows she is a good friend!

4. I Love how fun she is to be around! She is so funny!

5. I love how she loves little kids! She is always wanting to hold the baby's and be the little mother!

6. I love how much she Loves Taylor Swift! She knows all her songs!

7. I love how she loves to sing! Syd is such a good singer even though sometimes I have to tell her to be quiet!

8.I Love that she Loves to play Softball, Well should I say her Dad loves how She Loves to play softball!

9.I Love how she loves to do things as a family! Syd has always been this way! She always wants everyone to be together!

10.I Love that she Loves the computer! If she is not with a friend then she is on the computer!



So as much as I try I am always a little late on posting Birthdays! Spencer's Birthday was on the 16 of may! He turned 7 It's so crazy! He is getting so big!! For his Birthday he decided to go out with me and max! We went to dinner ad to build a bear He got a Dog and he named him Riley!We had such a good time with him, He is such a Sweet boy and so fun to be around!! So here it goes 7 things I love about Spencer!!

1. I love his smile! Spencer has such a sweet smile,He makes my day every time he smiles at me!!

2. I Love how he loves his Dad! Whatever Dad does or what Dad wears is what spencer does and what spencer wants to wear it's so cute!!

3. I Love that he loves football! He always has a football in his and is always wanting to play catch!

4. I Love that he Loves his cousin TJ! TJ can do no wrong!

5. I Love how nice he is to his little Brother Mason! He always lets Mason play with him!

6. I Love how he Love Dr. Pepper and always asks for a 32 oz.! I guess he can keep asking but not til he can drive himself and buy his own will he get a 32oz.!

7. I love how Sweet he is! Spencer is such a sweet boy and I enjoy him so much! He is always so nice to others!


Thursday, May 14, 2009


I know that I haven't been good at keeping you up to date on here. We have had a CRAZY couple of months. March was crazy. Besides Kenzies Birthday she had a dance competition in St. George! Max and I decided to take the family down and have a little vacation. It was fun spending time together!!

April was CRAZY as well with Birthdays and Easter! My family came over for a BBQ and the annual egg hunt! My Mom fills over 100 eggs for the kids to find. It was so much fun! There is this inside joke between Max and I and Kyle and Alison with this Christmas Decoration, after the egg hunt Kyle set it up on our front lawn with a HAPPY BIRTHDAY sign on it! Lets just say that when Max got home from working all night, he didn't think that it was very funny! Mason sat outside and danced to the Christmas music I think the neighbors thought we were crazy! Mason also turned 5 in April!

May has already turned out to be CRAZY!! At the first of the month Mason was our jumping on the tramp with the kids and he caught someones bounce and came down funny on his foot. After a couple of days of watching him limp Stacy convinced me to take him in! Yes, his foot is broken! Mason wasn't very happy about getting a cast and he threw the biggest fit! The doctor gave him a sticker that said "I pitched a big fit at the doctor!" To make matters worse after having the cast on for a day it started falling apart so we had to go get another one put on! We just hope that when we go in on Monday his foot will be healed! Kens and Sydnee also had a competition in Spanish fork! They did really well! I am so proud of them both!

As you can see it has been kindof CRAZY around here. I will try to do a lot better at keeping this updated.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Mason turned 5 on April 16th! I cannot believe that my baby is 5 years old! He is growing up so fast! For his birthday this year we got all of his friends and went to Jumping Jacks! They had so much fun!

5 things I love about Mason:

1- I love how he is so patient!! Ha ha Those of you that know Mason know that he is NOT patient!

2-I love how he loves video games! He could play them all day!

3-How much he loves his brother Spencer! He thinks that Spencer is the best!

4-How much he likes to be home! this is nice most of the time until you have to go somewhere!

5-How he loves me more then his dad! And I think it will be this way his whole life!

Happy Birthday Mason We love you!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Max!!

Well It was Max's Birthday on Saturday! Me and the kids woke up and made him breakfast in bed the kids enjoyed doing this for there dad! We also got him a i pod touch witch he was surprised about! I hope Max had a good Birthday! I wanted to list 36 thing about Max that I love so here it goes!

1.How he loves his job! I am so glad he loves what he does!
2.How he loves going to Brookside! it's his second home!

3.How he loves Dr. pepper!

4.. How he has all the kids loving Dr. Pepper!

5.How he has to warn up before he plays sports! I didn't know til I married max you had to leave a hour before to warm up!

6. How he loves to play pass with Spencer! Even if he is too tired!

7.How he loves to run! I enjoy going with him!

8.How he loves to talk! Anyone who knows Max knows he is a talker!

9. How he knows everyone! No matter where we go Max always knows someone!

10. How many friends he has! He is always talking to someone on his phone!

11. What a good Friend he is! He would do anything for anybody!

12. How kind he is to others! He never talks bad about anyone!

13. How he loves Facebook! He is on all the time, Unless he is asleep!

14. How he loves his phone! That where Kenzie gets it from!

15. How he loves to watch chick flicks! I love that!

16. How he loves my family!

17.How he put the kids to bed every night! This is what I miss the most when he works nights!

18. How he always tells me he loves me before he hangs up the phone!

19. How he loves to keep his car so clean! I love when he cleans mine!

20. How he tells a story! You don't miss any details!

21.How when he buys new shoes he never wears them! I know what your thinking why did he buy them! Who knows!

22. How anytime I go anywhere the house is always clean when I get home!

23.How much he loves being with me and the kids!

24. How he loves to have nice things! But with kids can you have anything nice!

25. How even when he works Saturday night he is always at church with me and the kids on Sunday!

26.How he is not a picky person when it comes to food! He will eat anything!

27How How he eats Twinkies and Red stuff! Don't know what it's called but I won't try it!

28. How much he loves Ice cream! He eats a bowl almost every night!

29. How he never complains when the house is a mess!

30. How when the laundry is not put away and he has to go search for clothes he never complains!

31. How he enjoys spending time with his brothers! I think it is because he is the baby and they treat him like one! I know he loves it!
32.How he loves texting! If he is not talking on the phone he is texting!

33.How he checks Facebook on his phone! I think every 10 min!

34.How he supports me in everything I do! He is my biggest fan!

35. How I am his Best Friend! And he is mine!

36. How he is such a good dad! My kids are so Lucky to have him as there dad!


Sunday, March 22, 2009


I really have not been good about updating my Blog, but today is Kenzie Birthday so, I wanted to post some pictures and tell her Happy Birthday!! I can't believe she is 12, Crazy!!! So here is 12 things I love about her:
1. How she is always dancing! That is how she gets around the house!

2. How much energy she has! I need a little!

3. How she loves to babysit, It is her new Love and I must say she is pretty good at it.

4. How she is still my hardest kid to put to bed even though it drives me crazy, I love that she has to tell me goodnight 20 times before she'll stay in bed.

5.How she Loves her cell phone, she won't go anywhere without it!

6.How she Loves Dr. pepper she gets that from her Dad!

7. How she loves to go to Brookside almost as much as her Dad does!

8.How she plays with her brothers and sister. She makes up some fun games for all of them to play together!

9.How she loves her friends! She has always had to have a friend with her!

10. How she loves spending time with her family!

11. How she loves the dentist! I know Crazy!

12. How excited she is to be 12 and go to young women's!!

We love you McKenzie Happy Birthday!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


So I just had to write you all a little note to tell you I am going to try and do better about posting new stuff on my blog! Well it is not all my fault my computer has not been working that well So I can't take all blame But I will take some!Let me just give you a little up date! Life around here has not been that different just doing the same old stuff School School and more school I am so proud of all my kids and how hard they work when it comes to school!As for Me just being a mom and I love it I don't know anything else I would rather do! I have such good kids and I love them! As for Max he is still working as hard as ever and we are all still trying to get use to his work hours! He loves his job and I am so glad about that. I love him and am so grateful I have such a hard working Man!

Monday, January 5, 2009


Christmas was fun this year! It started off with a Christmas Eve party at our house. Santa came on the fire truck and all of the kids were so excited! Mason sat on his lap but as you can tell he did everything he could not to look at him! It was so cute this year because Santa made all of the kids take an oath that they will try and be good next year. Savanah came down for the fun! It was fun to have all of the kids together. Of course we had to sing MUST BE SANTA!!! I think that this was Mason's favorite thing. He would stand there proud as can be and hold up the sign when it was his turn. After singing it FOUR TIMES, everyone went home and went to bed!

Christmas day we got up about seven and the kids opened their presents! All Mason wanted this year was a Wii for his family! The kids opened everything and were so excited except Mason. He was so sad because he thought he didn't get a Wii! We noticed that their were presents behind the tree, Santa must have hid them. Mason opened the first one and said " Look it's our Wii!!" He was so excited. Mckenzie got a new cell phone, Sydnee got the American girl doll she wanted and Spencer was in heaven with all of the BYU football stuff. All Savanah wanted was clothes and that is what she got! This is one of the best Christmas's we have had! I am so grateful for my family and I love spending time with them!