Sunday, March 22, 2009


I really have not been good about updating my Blog, but today is Kenzie Birthday so, I wanted to post some pictures and tell her Happy Birthday!! I can't believe she is 12, Crazy!!! So here is 12 things I love about her:
1. How she is always dancing! That is how she gets around the house!

2. How much energy she has! I need a little!

3. How she loves to babysit, It is her new Love and I must say she is pretty good at it.

4. How she is still my hardest kid to put to bed even though it drives me crazy, I love that she has to tell me goodnight 20 times before she'll stay in bed.

5.How she Loves her cell phone, she won't go anywhere without it!

6.How she Loves Dr. pepper she gets that from her Dad!

7. How she loves to go to Brookside almost as much as her Dad does!

8.How she plays with her brothers and sister. She makes up some fun games for all of them to play together!

9.How she loves her friends! She has always had to have a friend with her!

10. How she loves spending time with her family!

11. How she loves the dentist! I know Crazy!

12. How excited she is to be 12 and go to young women's!!

We love you McKenzie Happy Birthday!!!


Sassy Jane said...

Happy Birthday Kenzie!! I cannot believe that you are 12!! Crazy how time flies by!! I love you!!

The Alvey's said...

cute idea I'm going to steal it for Jenna's Birthday. Happy Birthday Mckenzie.

Tahsha said...

Happy Birthday Kenzie! What a cutie

Rachel said...

Wha???! How is it possible that you have a child old enough to enter Young Women? CRAY-ZEE! Man, that's got to take you back, huh?

She's a beauty!

Emily said...

I can't believe that Kenzie is 12. She was so little when we moved into the ward and how she is a teenager...almost...basically. I am going to love spending tiem with her in Young Women. Love you Kenz!

Riley and Steph said...

I can't believe Kenz is 12! That makes me feel old. She is a cutie! Happy Birthday Kenzie...