Monday, March 29, 2010


So Monday the 22 of March was Kenzie's Birthday!! She now is 13 that's right we have a teenager living in our home!! CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY!!!! Me and Max took kenzie out of school half day and took her to lunch and went to the mall to do a little shopping! It was so fun to spend sometime with just Kenzie! I love her so much and I am so proud of her and the young woman she s becoming:) So here we go 13 things i love about Kenzie!!

1. Dr. Pepper! I hate the stuff but kenz loves it! She get that from her dad! And Kenz would not be Kenz with out it!

2. Cell Phone! She can not leave home with out it! She always has it with her!

3.Dance!! Kenz loves to dance and she is very good at it! I love that she has found something that she loves!! I love to watch kenz dance!

4. Her music! Kenz loves her Ipod! She loves music! I never thought I would be like my mom and tell my kids to turn the radio down But I am. Kenz loves to listen to her music loud!!!

5. How kenz hearts people! Yep that's right she is always telling EVERYONE that she hearts them!!

6. Friends Kenz has some good friends! Kenz is also a good friend!

7. Her love for babysitting! She loves to babysit and she does a good job! It is so nice that I can leave my kids with her and know that they will be OK!

8.Her Energy! KEnzie has so much energy! I wish I had some!

9. How she is still so hard to get to bed at night! I don't know why maybe it is all the energy she has but she still has a hard time going to bed!

10.SLEEP! Kenzie loves to sleep! She is not a morning person at all! The girl would sleep all day if we would let her!
11.Her love for chocolate! She loves the good chocolate bliss or dove!

12.Family! Kenz loves to be with her family! She is so good o her sisters and brothers1

13.For her just being her! Kenzi is so fun to be around! I love her so much ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Stitches NOT FUN!!

So we have had our first child that had to get stitches at our house! I got a phone call from Sydnee Tuesday after school she said mom Spencer hit his head you need to come to the school! All I can say is that I am so glad max was not at work! I guess his friend was chasing him and someone opened the door. It got him right in the middle of his forehead it got him good! POOR KID:( He had to be put out to get 20 stitches in his head, Then had to get a ct scan of his head cause he started throwing up! After spending 6 hr. in the ER we got to come home! He is doing allot better. There is nothing worse then seeing you kid in pain no fun! I love Spencer so much and am so glad he is doing good!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Family Pictures!!

A couple of months ago I had my friend Annie take our Family Pictures. She did such a good job. Here they are.......

My cute Family

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Kenzie is officially in Junior High School!! I can't believe it!! Today was 7th grade day and McKenzie was so excited to go but a little nervous at the same time. She had so much fun once she got there and saw her friends! Max and I are so proud of McKenzie and we hope that she has an awesome 7th grade year!! We love you Kenz!!

Friday, May 22, 2009


I really can't believe that Sydnee is 10 time goes by so fast! Me and Max took Syd out of school today to spend the day with her! We took her to lunch, Went to build a bear she got a frog and named her Lilly! We had a good day, It was fun to spend some time with just Sydnee!! 10 things I love about Syd!

1. I Love how Syd loves school! Syd has always loved School and I hope she always does!

2.I Love how Syd loves her Mom! She has always been a mommy's girl!

3.I Love What a good Friend she is! Anyone who knows Syd knows she is a good friend!

4. I Love how fun she is to be around! She is so funny!

5. I love how she loves little kids! She is always wanting to hold the baby's and be the little mother!

6. I love how much she Loves Taylor Swift! She knows all her songs!

7. I love how she loves to sing! Syd is such a good singer even though sometimes I have to tell her to be quiet!

8.I Love that she Loves to play Softball, Well should I say her Dad loves how She Loves to play softball!

9.I Love how she loves to do things as a family! Syd has always been this way! She always wants everyone to be together!

10.I Love that she Loves the computer! If she is not with a friend then she is on the computer!



So as much as I try I am always a little late on posting Birthdays! Spencer's Birthday was on the 16 of may! He turned 7 It's so crazy! He is getting so big!! For his Birthday he decided to go out with me and max! We went to dinner ad to build a bear He got a Dog and he named him Riley!We had such a good time with him, He is such a Sweet boy and so fun to be around!! So here it goes 7 things I love about Spencer!!

1. I love his smile! Spencer has such a sweet smile,He makes my day every time he smiles at me!!

2. I Love how he loves his Dad! Whatever Dad does or what Dad wears is what spencer does and what spencer wants to wear it's so cute!!

3. I Love that he loves football! He always has a football in his and is always wanting to play catch!

4. I Love that he Loves his cousin TJ! TJ can do no wrong!

5. I Love how nice he is to his little Brother Mason! He always lets Mason play with him!

6. I Love how he Love Dr. Pepper and always asks for a 32 oz.! I guess he can keep asking but not til he can drive himself and buy his own will he get a 32oz.!

7. I love how Sweet he is! Spencer is such a sweet boy and I enjoy him so much! He is always so nice to others!


Thursday, May 14, 2009


I know that I haven't been good at keeping you up to date on here. We have had a CRAZY couple of months. March was crazy. Besides Kenzies Birthday she had a dance competition in St. George! Max and I decided to take the family down and have a little vacation. It was fun spending time together!!

April was CRAZY as well with Birthdays and Easter! My family came over for a BBQ and the annual egg hunt! My Mom fills over 100 eggs for the kids to find. It was so much fun! There is this inside joke between Max and I and Kyle and Alison with this Christmas Decoration, after the egg hunt Kyle set it up on our front lawn with a HAPPY BIRTHDAY sign on it! Lets just say that when Max got home from working all night, he didn't think that it was very funny! Mason sat outside and danced to the Christmas music I think the neighbors thought we were crazy! Mason also turned 5 in April!

May has already turned out to be CRAZY!! At the first of the month Mason was our jumping on the tramp with the kids and he caught someones bounce and came down funny on his foot. After a couple of days of watching him limp Stacy convinced me to take him in! Yes, his foot is broken! Mason wasn't very happy about getting a cast and he threw the biggest fit! The doctor gave him a sticker that said "I pitched a big fit at the doctor!" To make matters worse after having the cast on for a day it started falling apart so we had to go get another one put on! We just hope that when we go in on Monday his foot will be healed! Kens and Sydnee also had a competition in Spanish fork! They did really well! I am so proud of them both!

As you can see it has been kindof CRAZY around here. I will try to do a lot better at keeping this updated.