Thursday, July 17, 2008


I am so excited for Max. We got news this week that he got the job at the jail that he has wanted for a long time!! He starts the academy on the 28 of this month. We are all excited and I am so proud of him!! This is a job that he is going to love!! Good luck and we love you!!


One of our favorite things to do during the summer is go to the CABIN!!! This year was so much fun!! Of course we have to play 5 crowns and teach the girls how!! Buddy brought his 4 wheelers to ride!! I think that is the kids favorite part!! Mason loves the helmet!! The kids always play on little rock and wave at the cars coming by!! This year we had a little bit of a Drama!! Kenzie came up crying and said that there was a lady down there and she needeed to talk to the parents!! So of course I get up and end up going down there all by myself!! THANKS GUYS!! Anyways the kids were yelling from the rock, " Whats Up Hommie!!" Only this lady thought they said "Whats up Ho!!" After it was explained everything was okay!! I was a little relieved I thought for sure they had thrown a rock at someones car!! But it was the funniest thing that happened all weekend!! Between going to big rock or little rock the best thing is to spend time with the family!!

Kenzie's Adventure!!

Kenzie was old enough this year to go to Shadow Mountain!! I am so proud of her!! She has not wanted to go very far from home lately so we were suprised that she wanted to go!! She was so excited that she got to stay in cabins NOT tents!! The cabin she stayed in was called Maple!! Not to mention she had the best counselor in the world, Grandma Chris, or as they called her Mountain Mama!! She shared a bunk with her bestest friend in the world, Baylee!! Not to far away from Mountain Mama!! Her favorite thing was forrest ninjas!! I guess that is a game that has been played up there for years!! I am so glad that she got to go!! I missed her so much!! Just think next year will be girls camp!! Crazy!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Well softball is now over, We had a lot of fun and I am so proud of my kids!!

Sydnee's team took 3rd place in city league. They got to go to state and played in Salem, they played really well they won 2 and lost 2 and were out. I am so proud of her she loves to play and now wants to learn how to pitch. Now we are looking for someone to teach her she is so excited!!

Kenzie's team also took 3rd place and she also got to go to state she played in Spanish Fork so yes we were back and forth all day long between the two ball fields, I am so proud of her she did such a good job. She has such a good eye for the ball she can always tell a ball from a strike even if it is close she never swings at a bad pitch!! She also won 2 and then lost 2 and was done! She is a good player we didn't think she would play after she got hit in the eye last year but she surprised us all!! And did a great job!!!

Spencer did such a good job with t-ball he had so much fun!! What a cute kid he got a trophy it is his first one and he is so excited about that!!
well I am so proud of all of them. All I can say is they got all of their talent from their dad because I can't hit the ball so, Thank You Dad!!