Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Max!!

Well It was Max's Birthday on Saturday! Me and the kids woke up and made him breakfast in bed the kids enjoyed doing this for there dad! We also got him a i pod touch witch he was surprised about! I hope Max had a good Birthday! I wanted to list 36 thing about Max that I love so here it goes!

1.How he loves his job! I am so glad he loves what he does!
2.How he loves going to Brookside! it's his second home!

3.How he loves Dr. pepper!

4.. How he has all the kids loving Dr. Pepper!

5.How he has to warn up before he plays sports! I didn't know til I married max you had to leave a hour before to warm up!

6. How he loves to play pass with Spencer! Even if he is too tired!

7.How he loves to run! I enjoy going with him!

8.How he loves to talk! Anyone who knows Max knows he is a talker!

9. How he knows everyone! No matter where we go Max always knows someone!

10. How many friends he has! He is always talking to someone on his phone!

11. What a good Friend he is! He would do anything for anybody!

12. How kind he is to others! He never talks bad about anyone!

13. How he loves Facebook! He is on all the time, Unless he is asleep!

14. How he loves his phone! That where Kenzie gets it from!

15. How he loves to watch chick flicks! I love that!

16. How he loves my family!

17.How he put the kids to bed every night! This is what I miss the most when he works nights!

18. How he always tells me he loves me before he hangs up the phone!

19. How he loves to keep his car so clean! I love when he cleans mine!

20. How he tells a story! You don't miss any details!

21.How when he buys new shoes he never wears them! I know what your thinking why did he buy them! Who knows!

22. How anytime I go anywhere the house is always clean when I get home!

23.How much he loves being with me and the kids!

24. How he loves to have nice things! But with kids can you have anything nice!

25. How even when he works Saturday night he is always at church with me and the kids on Sunday!

26.How he is not a picky person when it comes to food! He will eat anything!

27How How he eats Twinkies and Red stuff! Don't know what it's called but I won't try it!

28. How much he loves Ice cream! He eats a bowl almost every night!

29. How he never complains when the house is a mess!

30. How when the laundry is not put away and he has to go search for clothes he never complains!

31. How he enjoys spending time with his brothers! I think it is because he is the baby and they treat him like one! I know he loves it!
32.How he loves texting! If he is not talking on the phone he is texting!

33.How he checks Facebook on his phone! I think every 10 min!

34.How he supports me in everything I do! He is my biggest fan!

35. How I am his Best Friend! And he is mine!

36. How he is such a good dad! My kids are so Lucky to have him as there dad!