Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Mason turned 5 on April 16th! I cannot believe that my baby is 5 years old! He is growing up so fast! For his birthday this year we got all of his friends and went to Jumping Jacks! They had so much fun!

5 things I love about Mason:

1- I love how he is so patient!! Ha ha Those of you that know Mason know that he is NOT patient!

2-I love how he loves video games! He could play them all day!

3-How much he loves his brother Spencer! He thinks that Spencer is the best!

4-How much he likes to be home! this is nice most of the time until you have to go somewhere!

5-How he loves me more then his dad! And I think it will be this way his whole life!

Happy Birthday Mason We love you!!

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Sassy Jane said...

Mas is such a good boy!! Britton had so much fun at his Party!! Happy Birthday Mason!!