Monday, January 5, 2009


Christmas was fun this year! It started off with a Christmas Eve party at our house. Santa came on the fire truck and all of the kids were so excited! Mason sat on his lap but as you can tell he did everything he could not to look at him! It was so cute this year because Santa made all of the kids take an oath that they will try and be good next year. Savanah came down for the fun! It was fun to have all of the kids together. Of course we had to sing MUST BE SANTA!!! I think that this was Mason's favorite thing. He would stand there proud as can be and hold up the sign when it was his turn. After singing it FOUR TIMES, everyone went home and went to bed!

Christmas day we got up about seven and the kids opened their presents! All Mason wanted this year was a Wii for his family! The kids opened everything and were so excited except Mason. He was so sad because he thought he didn't get a Wii! We noticed that their were presents behind the tree, Santa must have hid them. Mason opened the first one and said " Look it's our Wii!!" He was so excited. Mckenzie got a new cell phone, Sydnee got the American girl doll she wanted and Spencer was in heaven with all of the BYU football stuff. All Savanah wanted was clothes and that is what she got! This is one of the best Christmas's we have had! I am so grateful for my family and I love spending time with them!


TJ and Stephanie said...

YAY you updated your blog! Christmas looked like fun in the Morgan home. I am glad that Mason got his family wii. TJ and I will have to come and play sometime!

jina carter said...

Becky! I love your family pictures! Who took them? Sounds like you had a great Christmas.