Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Family

This is my cute little family!! It's finally summer and our life is crazy!! We are so busy with cheerleading, softball, T-ball and playing with friends!! I wanted to start this to keep in touch with everyone and let everyone know a little bit about what we are up too!!

School is out and the kids did such a great job I am so proud of all of them!! Savanah got straight A's and one A- all year!! She will start ninth grade this fall!! We are glad that Kenzie made it through the year!! I can't believe she will be in the sixth grade!! Sydnee is excited for the fourth grade!! But Syd is always excited for school!! Spencer graduated from Kindergarten!! He will go all day next year!! Thats crazy!! Mason graduated from his first year of Preschool! He will start his second year in the fall!! Max has finished his Fire one and two and started EMT school last month!! I am so proud of him!! But I can't wait for it to be over!!

The kids are already busy for for the first of June!! Savanah, Mckenzie and Sydnee finished their cheer clinic last night!! I will have pictures soon!! Kenzie is playing softball again this year!! We didn't know if she would play because of the softball to the eye last year but she surprised us and is having a good time!! Max is an assistant coach for her team!! Its Sydnee's first year playing softball!! She loves it!! Max is the head coach for her team!! Both teams are named The Spiders!! Spencer started T-ball this year and he loves it!! His team name is The Giants!! He thinks he wins every game its so cute!! Mason isn't quite old enough to play T-ball but he cheers them on with me!! I love watching them play!! I am just glad Max is coaching and not playing!! lol Summer is going to be crazy but fun!!


weezwhetten said...

Yay for your cute blog! I can't believe how big the kids are getting. They are growing up so fast!

alison said...

I love the blog!! Now the hard part is to make regular posts. Obviously if you have looked at my blog lately that is my problem! haha.

Emily said...

So much fun! I love you Becky and your cute kids. I think your big family is too darling...I love you guys. We have twin blog templates...too funny.