Monday, October 27, 2008


For fall break I decided that I wanted to do something fun with my kids. We went up to Cornbelly's and had a BLAST! They had lots of activities for the kids! Stacy and Keli's kids went with us. We also ran into Stephanie and her kids. We had fun! The funniest part was the Monsters Stomach which was like a Haunted House, it was dark and made scary noises! We all went through it the first time and only the boys cried! Kenzie and Syd thought they were so cool cause it wasn't scary to them. So they decided that they wanted to go again and this time it was just them and me and a million other people! They got so scared that we ended up getting out before the end! I don't know why it wasn't scary the first time for them but this time they couldn't wait to get out! I couldn't stop laughing! It was fun to spend time with my kids! They are the best.

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Sassy Jane said...

This day was so fun! I love spending time with you and your kids! And buying them ROCKS...shhh don't tell anyone I still can't live that down! lol I love ya Becky!!