Thursday, May 14, 2009


I know that I haven't been good at keeping you up to date on here. We have had a CRAZY couple of months. March was crazy. Besides Kenzies Birthday she had a dance competition in St. George! Max and I decided to take the family down and have a little vacation. It was fun spending time together!!

April was CRAZY as well with Birthdays and Easter! My family came over for a BBQ and the annual egg hunt! My Mom fills over 100 eggs for the kids to find. It was so much fun! There is this inside joke between Max and I and Kyle and Alison with this Christmas Decoration, after the egg hunt Kyle set it up on our front lawn with a HAPPY BIRTHDAY sign on it! Lets just say that when Max got home from working all night, he didn't think that it was very funny! Mason sat outside and danced to the Christmas music I think the neighbors thought we were crazy! Mason also turned 5 in April!

May has already turned out to be CRAZY!! At the first of the month Mason was our jumping on the tramp with the kids and he caught someones bounce and came down funny on his foot. After a couple of days of watching him limp Stacy convinced me to take him in! Yes, his foot is broken! Mason wasn't very happy about getting a cast and he threw the biggest fit! The doctor gave him a sticker that said "I pitched a big fit at the doctor!" To make matters worse after having the cast on for a day it started falling apart so we had to go get another one put on! We just hope that when we go in on Monday his foot will be healed! Kens and Sydnee also had a competition in Spanish fork! They did really well! I am so proud of them both!

As you can see it has been kindof CRAZY around here. I will try to do a lot better at keeping this updated.


Tahsha said...

your kids are so cute! Your such an awesome mom! I hope that when I have more kids, I can handle them as well as you do. I'll have to come over for tips!

Lindsey said...

Poor little guy!

Beck, Thanks for the update! Keep 'em rolling!

Sassy Jane said...

Ha ha I love the blow up thing!! That was so funny!! I am glad you finally got to update this!! love ya