Friday, May 22, 2009


So as much as I try I am always a little late on posting Birthdays! Spencer's Birthday was on the 16 of may! He turned 7 It's so crazy! He is getting so big!! For his Birthday he decided to go out with me and max! We went to dinner ad to build a bear He got a Dog and he named him Riley!We had such a good time with him, He is such a Sweet boy and so fun to be around!! So here it goes 7 things I love about Spencer!!

1. I love his smile! Spencer has such a sweet smile,He makes my day every time he smiles at me!!

2. I Love how he loves his Dad! Whatever Dad does or what Dad wears is what spencer does and what spencer wants to wear it's so cute!!

3. I Love that he loves football! He always has a football in his and is always wanting to play catch!

4. I Love that he Loves his cousin TJ! TJ can do no wrong!

5. I Love how nice he is to his little Brother Mason! He always lets Mason play with him!

6. I Love how he Love Dr. Pepper and always asks for a 32 oz.! I guess he can keep asking but not til he can drive himself and buy his own will he get a 32oz.!

7. I love how Sweet he is! Spencer is such a sweet boy and I enjoy him so much! He is always so nice to others!


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Sassy Jane said...

I hope that you had a good birthday Spencer!! I cannot believe how old you are!!