Friday, May 22, 2009


I really can't believe that Sydnee is 10 time goes by so fast! Me and Max took Syd out of school today to spend the day with her! We took her to lunch, Went to build a bear she got a frog and named her Lilly! We had a good day, It was fun to spend some time with just Sydnee!! 10 things I love about Syd!

1. I Love how Syd loves school! Syd has always loved School and I hope she always does!

2.I Love how Syd loves her Mom! She has always been a mommy's girl!

3.I Love What a good Friend she is! Anyone who knows Syd knows she is a good friend!

4. I Love how fun she is to be around! She is so funny!

5. I love how she loves little kids! She is always wanting to hold the baby's and be the little mother!

6. I love how much she Loves Taylor Swift! She knows all her songs!

7. I love how she loves to sing! Syd is such a good singer even though sometimes I have to tell her to be quiet!

8.I Love that she Loves to play Softball, Well should I say her Dad loves how She Loves to play softball!

9.I Love how she loves to do things as a family! Syd has always been this way! She always wants everyone to be together!

10.I Love that she Loves the computer! If she is not with a friend then she is on the computer!


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Sassy Jane said...

I think that you had an awesome Birthday this year!! Love you Syd!!